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If you have any other enquiries that aren't answered on this page, feel free to get in touch!

How do I book a shoot for my studio?

If you'd like us to viist your studio, please email and we will send over our availability, as well as our T&Cs.

How can I book onto a shoot at the KEP studio?

Head over to our studio website to book your place on an upcoming shoot at our studio:

We also suggest signing up to our newsletter if you want to be first in line for shoot announcements!

Alterntively, get in touch to book yourself in for a private shoot!

How long do edits take?

While we always aim to get your images to you sooner, please allow up to 10 weeks to receive your images after paying for your order. Our clients order from as little as 3 to 37 images from a single shoot (that’s our current record!).

Should there be any delays on your edits, we will get in touch first to let you know.

Please note that should there be any delays on your edits, we will get in touch first to let you know.

How does priority service work?

Our priority service allows you to receive your purchased images in roughly 2 weeks.

Priority service is £65 and subject to availability.

Who do I contact about edits?

If you have any questions regarding your edits, please get in touch with Lacey as she is the one who takes the orders. Please email for more information. She is happy to help with even a simple question!

What does “personal use” mean?

When ordering images from KEP, you are buying them under the “personal use” policy. This allows you to use the images for yourself. Should you wish to use the images for business, such as marketing or profit, please get in touch for more information.

Can I cancel or rearrange my shoot at the KEP Studio?

Please note that any cancellations made by the client are non-refundable

We can only offer rearranged bookings under specific circumstances.

If rearranging your shoot, you can move that booking onto any shoot within the next three months.

We cannot offer another rearranged shoot after this.

Can I cancel a shoot at my pole studio?

We advise you speak with your pole studio about cancellations, as we do not arrange these shoots ourselves.

Please note that if the studio cannot fill your slot, this space is still paid in full.

Depending on the policies of your studio, you may be asked to find someone to take your place. Alternatively, you might not be given a refund for your cancellation.

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