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About KEPhotos

A Luxury Pole Dancing Photography service in Manchester

KEPhotos is a pole and aerial photography company based in Manchester. Katherine hosts a range of artistic photoshoots at her studio in Withington, and travels across the UK offering her signature smoke shoot to pole and aerial studios.

KEPhotos is known for her smoke photography, from bright coloured dramatic smoke backgrounds to fantasy cloud shoots. There is a huge range of unique themes to pick from with KEPhotos.

KEPhotos aims to provide a creative portfolio of images for anyone in the world of dancer and performance. From hobbyists to professionals, we work with everyone. Whether you need photos to showcase your work, or you’d simply like a collection of whimsical images to look back on, we have plenty to offer!

Why Choose KEPhotos?

The team at KEPhotos want you to come to one of our shoots and leave feeling sensational! The most common phrase we hear during our shoots is “is that really me!?” At the end of the day, we want to create a service that works for YOU, not just our artistry. Not only can you book onto any theme of your choosing, we will work with you throughout the shoot to ensure you are delighted with your images.

We like to steer clear of tradition, and no one offers artistic range like KEPhotos. Our smoke shoot concept comes with over 90 smoke colour combinations, and four of our six cloud shoot concepts come with two different editing styles to choose from.

What makes KEPhotos different from other pole and aerial photographers?

At KEPhotos, we are firm believers in only editing what you ask for. While we will remove anything temporary (cuts, bruises, etc), we will not change anything about you unless you specifically ask for it. We even offer three types of body editing to make it easy for you to choose from! With our advanced knowledge of lighting and photography, we strive to achieve images you love straight through the lens.

Click here to see our three body edit styles.

We want to make you as comfortable as possible during a photoshoot. Getting in front of the camera can be quite a vulnerable experience for many people, and we have heard some stories! This is why we make it our mission to give you a fun, relaxing, and confidence boosting day. The KEP team are absolute cheerleaders, and we want you to feel like you can achieve anything during your time with us! We are a small team of pole dancers and aerialists, one being our in-house instructor, so we are here to offer both photography and pole/aerial guidance during your shoot.

We'd love to shoot with you!

So, do you think you’d benefit from a shoot with us? Whether you’d like to book a private shoot for yourself, or you want us to pay your studio a visit for a full day with your students, get in touch! Alternatively, head over to our studio site to see our calendar of events.

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