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Credit is Caring: Why you should always credit your photographer

While many photographers and artists like to watermark their work to avoid copyright issues, we don’t like to do this. For one, it doesn’t look as nice over the photo, and you will also only be able to share images that are watermarked. We also believe that the work should speak for itself. The KEP family believe in creating a unique service that is easy to recognise. But to get the ball rolling, there must be a source of credit. This is where you, our wonderful clients come in!

Directing people to the source​

These days, it’s almost too easy to reshare content from one platform/page to another. This includes sharing to platforms such as Pinterest or Tumblr. When you don’t credit the artist, it can become increasingly challenging to find the origin of the photo the more it is shared across different platforms. As a result, it can lead to fake ownership claims, and can also cause the creator to miss out on new client opportunities.

However, this will be much less of an issue if those who share our work make sure to credit us. Whether it be a tag on Instagram or a link to our website on Pinterest, we truly appreciate it when you let your following know that we provided those images!

It’s simply common courtesy

We love being able to provide a service that

It’s common courtesy

Apply this to every photographer/creator you work with

Everyone works hard to provide the service that they do

It means the world to them when you help share their name!

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