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Secret Garden: Planning your Shoot with KEPhotos

Our secret garden concept brings nature to the studio, with vibrant flowers popping through a border or deep, luscious greenery. You become the centrepiece of this art, like a statue or a fountain... except you're actually a pole dancer or aerialist.

This is the most unique theme we have offered so far. But how do you plan for such a specific setup? Let us help you plan your experience with us!

Before we dive into Secret Garden 101, make sure you've read our general shoot planning guide. It has everything you need to know to prepare you for almost ANY pole/aerial shoot.

Stay Centered

The flowers that you see in our photos are all around you on set, so it's important to plan moves that work with the frame! Center-based moves are best, to we would strongly advise against moves such as Iron X as you will fall out of frame quite easily.

Avoid dynamics

Speaking of staying centered, you may want to avoid anything dynamic for this shoot. We all love capturing our beats but in this case, there's a chance you may send some of the flowers off set! We highly suggest keeping your moves static and still, with perhaps some slight variations to give yourself options.

Follow the Light

This shoot setup uses a single key light to highlight your face. We can move this around easily and we are happy to focus on your favourite side (if you have one). Throughout the shoot, look for this light! Its positioning on the set will make all the difference to your final image.

Have fun!

At the end of the day, this shoot is something to be enjoyed! We really hope you have fun in our secret garden, and don't worry; you can tell a friend or two about it (it's not really that big a secret anymore!)

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