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Personal vs Commercial Use: What Rights do I have to my Images

If you have booked onto a pole/aerial shoot with the KEP team in the last year, there is a good chance you will have received a release form to sign. In this form, we ask you if you require commercial licensing for your images. But what is the difference between personal and commercial use in photography? Allow us to explain!

What is personal use?

Personal use does what it says on the tin. Those images are to be used personally, whether it be to print and frame in your home or share them to your personal social media profiles. When you book a pole, aerial or milk bath shoot with KEP, you are typically buying images to be used for personal use only.

What is commercial use?

Commercial use is commonly used by businesses and brands for the purpose of promotion and marketing. These shoots tend to be booked personally and are charged at an agreed-upon rate between the business and the photographer. This is because the way in which the business intends to use the images can affect the business of the photographer. Some photographers may agree to a single upfront payment, whereas others may agree to take a percentage of each sale made from the images used.

How does this apply to a KEP shoot?

It is important that you tell us if you wish to use the images for commercial use. This is because should the intent of the photoshoot change, so will the financial agreement. We are happy to discuss your commercial licensing requirements beforehand, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to find out more!

Examples of commercial use of KEP imagery

  • You wish to use the images on a book or album cover

  • You intend on selling your images via platforms such as OnlyFans

  • You would like to use the images to advertise clothing on a web store

  • You wish to use the images for promotional content for workshops, classes, etc

  • You intend on using the images as printed posters for a public event.

We are often lenient with instructors who book onto shoots using those images to advertise their classes. However, please be sure to double check with us first.

If you are not sure if your images will require commercial licensing, drop us an email at or message us over on Instagram.

On a serious note

We sincerely want you to get the most out of your images with us. But it is important to note that misuse of the images you purchase can be consequential depending on the circumstances. If you buy a personal use image from ANY photographer but use it for profit or promotion without permission, you could face legal action. So before you know whether it’s okay to do so, please check with the photographer before you use the image commercially.

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