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Wardrobe choices that might affect your final images!

There’s nothing worse than looking through your photos after a shoot, only to discover a small wardrobe detail that has completely changed how you expected the image to come out. From camouflaging garments to small accessories you don’t want on show, here are a few wardrobe choices that might affect your final images! Please not that we are always more than happy to fix these issues where possible, but we thought it might be a good idea to give you guys a heads up before your shoot.

1. Hair Bobbles

Ahh the dreaded hair bobble! Too often do we forget to remove them from our wrists, and too often do we find them in your photos! Be sure to remove any that may be on your wrist before stepping in front of the camera.

2. Shoelaces

While this may not have a huge impact on how your final images look, those laces on your Hella Heels boots can certainly dangle. It won’t cause much of an issue for your spreadies, but there are times where you will find them covering your face. And chances are, this will only happen when you finally nail that move! How to fix it? Wrap the laces around the boot before tieing your bow to keep them neat and short.

3. Too much black

The KEP setup relies heavily on a black backdrop to make those smoke colours pop! However, this can cause your clothing to blend in. One-piece and two-piece sets are usually fine, but long sleeves and leggings may lead to camouflaging. We suggest only wearing black if the garment is small.

4. Tight clothing before your shoot

If there is anything we would suggest before your shoot, it would be to wear loose clothing before you change into your shoot attire. Why? Because anything that may be restrictive will likely leave marks and dents in your skin! From denim seems to fishnet tights, have a think about what may leave marks on your skin before entering the studio space.

5. Hair up/down

This one can sometimes be tricky to catch, but it helps to know whether your hair will get in the way of the shot. There are so many beautiful poses that work well with your hair down, but there can be moments where you best keep your hair tied up to get the best shot. It might be worth practicing at your local studio to see which style works well which which move. Be ready for any KEP shoot by checking out the rest of our news stories! We hope you found this article useful. If you have a shoot booked with KEP and would like to prepare, feel free to check out our latest news for a wide range of guides.

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