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What do you Need for a Pole or Aerial Portfolio?


e you looking for work in the pole and aerial industry? Have you been asked to provide a portfolio of your work before they can offer you an audition? If you’re unsure on where to begin, here is everything to consider for a pole or aerial portfolio!

High quality images are essential

Believe it or not, the quality of a photo can make a huge difference when it comes to capturing your skills. And we don’t just mean because the images look nice! Did you know that your camera phone can often distort how you may actually look in your moves due to the lens used in your device? Not only will professional photography allow you to provide a consistent theme throughout your portfolio, but potential employers will get a better idea of who you are and how you look when you perform.

Video content should also be high quality

Once you have a nice selection of images, you should be able to follow this up with video that puts your work into action. Sure, you may be able to get into a tricky position, but how clean are your transitions? Good videography is essential if you want to showcase your abilities!

No two performance companies are the same

It may be worth putting together curated portfolios depending on who is looking at your work. For example, you may be skilled when it comes to both hoop and silks, but one company may only be after a hoop performer. Putting together a portfolio that shines a light on this skill will benefit you more than a portfolio that dips into both. It’s still worth showcasing some of your other skill, but be sure to put what matters to them first.

What makes you stand out?

It should go without saying but when it comes to applying for performance work, you need to let the world know what makes you different! Can you make a star on the bar look like a contortion trick? Are you the master of quick combos? Be sure to highlight these in your work!

Keep your portfolio updated on a regular basis

You never know when you may find yourself looking for more work. And the more experience you have in the industry, the more you skills you will gain. Don’t let these skills go amiss by forgetting to add them to your portfolio! Regular photography and videography is important if you wish to capture your skills as you progress. Make sure your potential employers get to see the most up to date examples of your talent!

Are you ready to build your portfolio?

Now you know what is needed to build a performance portfolio, it’s time to start putting it together! And if you need a selection of high quality images, why not book yourself in for an upcoming shoot with KEPhotos? With so many themes available throughout the year, you can build a portfolio of beautiful images that are sure to make you stand out!

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