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Can a Pole or Aerial Business Benefit from Professional Images?

Like any business, pole and aerial studios and instructors need to create engaging content when promoting classes, workshops, and events. Not only does it look professional, but your posts are more likely to be given a boost on social media if it's high quality. This leads us to our question: Can a pole or aerial business benefit from professional images?

Can a pole or aerial business benefit from professional images?

If you didn't know already, our in-house instructor Emma also teaches classes at numerous studios in and around Manchester. And our studio manager Lacey is a wizz at creating graphics. Emma recently approached Lacey and asked her if she could create a graphic to promote her upcoming "Splitsmas" course. However, the image Emma initially sent over was unusable. But why was this the case?

Professional vs mobile

Emma eventually sent Lacey a second image to use, this time being one of Kat's smoke images. Take a look at the two below to see the difference in both style, layout and quality.

While the first image is certainly twinkly and festive, it can leave you limited with design choices. There is also a lot of image "noise", with an overwhelming background, a messy ground, and lighting that flattens the image. While it is certainly a pretty picture for personal use, it just doesn't work for a professional graphic.

The second image, however, has a lot more to offer. Not only is it a high res image taken by a professional, it is also much cleaner. There is still a background but it doesn't take away from where the audience should be directing its focus. As this image was taken at a photoshoot, the lighting adds depth, making the image crisp and clear.

The final outcome

With the smoke fading to a black backdrop, it was easy for Lacey to incorporate text into the image without overwhelming the graphic as a whole. She fit the image in a black square to make it suitable for Instagram, allowing enough room above the photo for text.

As you can see, the graphic itself is quite simple and to the point. But the clarity of the professional image helps create an engaging post that will encourage viewers who are interested to read the caption for more information about how they can take part.

Do you need professional images for your pole or aerial business?

If you'd like a selection of professional images that you can use for your studio or classes, why not book KEPhotos for a private shoot?

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